Sourcevoid Unified Storage

Build stateful services with ease using Sourcevoid's unified storage layer.
No custom API's, use the native file system API of your favorite language.

Live Resizable High Speed Storage

  • Only allocate as much storage as you need, live resize at any time
  • Your storage should always outlive your containers, data persistence is king
  • High performance out of the box using our SSD and ZFS backed storage layer
  • Data is always auto compressed and then encrypted on disk

Persistent, Ephemeral or In Memory Storage?

  • Write apps using standard filesystem API's, no rewrites needed
  • Always have access to our persistent network mounted storage
  • Utilize included ephemeral storage when appropriate
  • Use our memory mapped filesystem for high speed caching

Unify Your Persistent SaaS Storage

  • Each app get it's own app disk
  • Each database cluster gets it's own database disk
  • Create data disks for application data
  • All disks are network mounted and centralized

Unified Storage

Sourcevoid Disks

Industry leading out of the box container storage management.

App Disks

Each app get it's own disk, no fixed deployment sizes.

Database Disks

Each database cluster get it's own centralized disk.

Data Disks

Manage files or images using standard FS API of your language.

Online Resize

All disks can easily be live resized without restarts.

Automatic Compression

Data is automatically compressed using LZ4 compression.

Automatic Encryption

Data is automatically encrypted on underlying physical disks.

Storage Overview

Get an a quick overview of your storage with our console.

Powerful Infrastructure

Google Infrastructure

Sourcevoid partnered with Google to get the best infrastructure.

Open Source

Developed using Go and Dart, running on Ubuntu & FreeBSD.

High Speed Network

We buy big VMs and get high Google network speeds.

High Speed SSD Storage

We buy big SSD disks and serve integrated ZFS disks over NFSv4.

Sourcevoid is closed.

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