Sourcevoid Productivity

Reduce your time spent managing servers each month from days to zero.
Use our automation and intuitive interfaces to get things done.

Focus on Your SaaS Not Infrastructure

  • Get started quickly and remove the burden of managing servers
  • Scale up or out easily without having to think
  • Continuous deploy your latest version using our Github integration
  • Try out new versions internally and then switch over traffic with a click

Reduce UX Frictions for Your Developers

  • The more often you deploy, the more important great interfaces become
  • Remove your frustration and save time by using our easy to use platform console
  • Continue to use your structure, our platform is flexible and can be easily configured
  • Use our CLI, Client or API to automate your most common tasks even further

Reuse Base Services, Improve Your USP

  • Load balancing is always fully automated, just add containers and they get traffic
  • Routing is configurable and handled by the platform
  • Logging is builtin to the platform, each pool has a dedicated logging database
  • Certificate management and TLS/SSL offloading is fully integrated

Developer Interfaces

Sourcevoid Console

Our intuitive pool driven UI tightly integrates with the platform.

Sourcevoid CLI

Access any platform feature from the command line.

Sourcevoid Client

Use our Open Source Dart client library for custom automation.

Sourcevoid API

Custom automation using any language using via our REST API.

Platform Features

Sourcevoid Cloud Pools

Cloud Pools give your SaaS better security and structure.

Sourcevoid Containers

Fully managed container runtimes and orchestration.

Sourcevoid Databases

Fully managed, fully integrated, secured databases.

Sourcevoid Storage

Unified high speed network attached and sharable storage.

App Environments

Deploy different versions or runtimes using app environments.

Static Hosting

Straight forward and easy to use static hosting environments.

Database Integration

Low latency access and integrated into our web console.

Consistent Performance

Strict time CPU scheduling, always get consistent performance.

Zero Deploy Downtime

Auto drain of old containers and routing to new newly deployed.

Scale Vertically

Choose bigger container sizes to scale vertically.

Scale Horizontally

Add more containers to scale horizontally.

Load Balancing

Automated load balancing for each app env route.

GitHub Integration

List and deploy code from Github in our console.

Integrated Logging

Stdout/stderr is streamed to pool specific logging database.

Flexible Structure

Deploy the directory structure that fits your company.

Pipelined Build System

Runtime auto detection or via the sourcevoid.yaml file.

Data Disks

NFSv4 network mounted and sharable data disks.

Ephemeral Storage

Each container has 10 GB included ephemeral storage.

2x RAM Swap Space

Each container gets 2x RAM swap space included.

1/2 RAM tempfs

Each container gets 1/2 RAM memory mounted FS at /tmp.

Canonical App Url

Each app always have one single canonical app url.

Flexible Routing

Unique urls and env, one of more load balanced app paths.

Websockets Support

Websockets are supported out of the box.

HTTP2 Support

HTTP2 is supported for our static hosting and load balancing.

Flexible Payments

Pay as you go or prepaid cloud credits, you choose.

Industry standards

Open Source languages and databases minimizes lock-in.


Easily build microservices with multiple apps or app envs.

Consumption Overview

Easily view hourly and monthly consumption in our console.

Sourcevoid is closed.

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