Pricing FAQ

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1. What is an SU?

SU is Sourcevoid's normalized scale unit (SU) of compute, including CPU, RAM and SWAP. 1 SU consist of 1 CPU share, 250 MB of RAM memory and 500 MB of SWAP space. Sourcevoid's SU unit scales linearly, 2 SU is double the capacity or 1 SU and so on. Our system uses strict time based scheduling making sure 1 SU CPU capacity is always as consistent as possible.

2. How many hours per month is used in examples?

Most months have a slightly different amount of hours, as the number of days are different. In our examples we use the average amount of 730 hours per month. To estimate SU or storage usage for a whole month use the formula:

3. How can I calculate cost on my own?

To estimate SU or storage cost for a whole month use this simple formula:

SU_Price      * SU_Count * 730 = Price 1 month
Storage_Price * GB_Count * 730 = Price 1 month

Eg. 1 container of size 1 SU @ $0.006 for 1 month:
$0.006 * 1 * 730 = $4.38

Eg. 1 GB storage for 1 month
$0.0005 * 1 * 730 = $0.365

Don't forget that you also can use our price calculator to save some time calculating your costs.

4. How can I buy Prepaid Cloud Credits?

Contact us if you would like to purchase prepaid cloud credits. Benefits of cloud credits include single invoice and the ability to know that you never can spend more than your prepaid amount. When buying cloud credits we send you a PayPal Invoice and when it's paid the credits are added to your account.

5. How is container and storage costs prorated?

Although we list container prices by the hour our system prorate usage down to 1/10 of an hour (6 minute blocks). If a container runs less than 6 minutes it's prorate at only 1/10 of the listed hourly price. Storage is prorated by the hour.

6. How does the trial work? Is it really free?

Yes it's really free. When you sign up for your free trial you can create a trial pool and use it to it's full capacity during the whole trial period. Note that our trial is meant for testing out the platform, if the trial is misused we reserve the right to disable your account, we of course try to contact you first if we see unusual activity on your account.

7. How is support different between pool plans?

All our cloud pools come with support included. We strive to always give the best level of support to all customers, however at times when there are peaks in supports request or similar situations then we serve Premium Pool support cases first and Standard Pool support cases second.

8. Can I upgrade a cloud pool?

Yes, cloud pools can be upgraded to a bigger type.

9 Can I downgrade a cloud pool?

No, cloud pools can not be downgraded, however you can fairly easily recreate a new smaller pool and migrate over to it.

10. Can we use prepayment to get a single/fewer invoices?

Yes, you can purchase prepaid cloud credits and make a single invoice cover multiple months or even years of usage to reduce administrative pains. Pay-As-You-Go is the default payment model for Sourcevoid as many customers prefer this model, if you would like to prepay instead just contact us and we can set it up for you.

11. Can we get a fixed monthly/yearly subscription fee?

Yes, we can setup fixed payment if this makes administration easier for your company. Contact us if you would like a fixed monthly/yearly subscription fee.

12. Can I limit my usage so I never get charged more than $X??

Yes, you can purchase prepaid cloud credits and that way make sure that your usage never go over a certain amount of dollars. When prepaid cloud credits runs out all apps and databases are shutdown. User pool limits also exists so that you can restrict usage per pool and indirectly limit maximum spending.

13. Do I pay per user?

No, with Sourcevoid you only pay for the underlying compute resources, storage usage and processed incoming traffic.

14. Do I have to sign a fixed term contract?

No, you can start or stop using Sourcevoid at any time.

15. Are there any set up or cancellation fees?

No, Sourcevoid don't have any set up or cancellation fees. You only pay for the underlying resources that you need.

16. Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes you can cancel your account or shutdown your resources at any time, however if you have incurred usage during the same month you are required to pay for your usage during the month.

17. With the default Pay-As-You-Go model, when will I be billed?

At the midnight the last day of the month our system generates invoices for usage of the last month. When you enable billing on your account and add your credit card you make it so that we automatically can charge your credit card securely using Stripe. We generate the invoice and charge it on your credit card, you don't have to manually pay the invoice. We will send an invoice to you for bookkeeping purposes and you can also contact us if you need a copy of any of your invoices.

18. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments primarily via Stripe and PayPal. We use Stripe in our automated Pay-As-You-Go system. Prepaid cloud credits can be purchased using PayPal Invoices (that can be paid with either PayPal or credit card). If nether option works for your company please contact us and we will try to work something out.

19. Will Sourcevoid give refunds?

Sourcevoid does generally speaking not provide any refunds, it's your responsibly as a user to not use more resources than you can or want to pay for. For special cases you can always contact us and we can do an evaluation to see if your circumstances make you eligible for a refund or not.

20. Does prices include VAT?

No, VAT is not included and will be added where necessary by law.

21. What about a Custom/Enterprise Cloud Pool?

If none of our preconfigured cloud pools fit your company's needs, please contact us for customization options. As a general rule of thumb custom cloud pools are available where usage exceeds ~$1000 per month minimum.

22. Can I link to specific FAQ entries?

Yes, each FAQ entry can be linked to individually, each question is also an anchor link to itself, just click it and you will see.

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