Cloud Pool Security

Cloud Pools makes SaaS security and isolation easier. Use a shared pool for
your standard plans and dedicated pools for your higher priced Enterprise plan.

Secure Your SaaS with Cloud Pools

  • Cloud Pools give your SaaS stability, security and isolation
  • Zero config private networking, isolated at both layer 2 and 3
  • Internet traffic is protected by firewalls and always encrypted
  • Layered security, databases are never exposed to the Internet

Two Pool Types

  • The Standard Pool, designed for business critical apps.
  • The Premium Pool, designed for mission critical apps.
  • Business critical is apps businesses depend on, but unexpected downtime don't stop core operations.
  • Mission critical is when every minute of downtime causes serious social or financial harm.

Offer a "Contact Us" Priced Enterprise plan

  • Big companies can't always use your standard public plans
  • You can offer them a custom install in a dedicated cloud pool with private networking
  • You can offer them dedicated database instances only storing and serving their data
  • You can offer them custom access rules, locking you or them out of certain APIs

Security Features

Private Networking

Sourcevoid Cloud Pools gives zero config private networking.

Private L2 Switch

Each Cloud pools get it's own private virtual L2 Switch.

Private L3 Network

Each Cloud pools get it's own private L3 network.

Certificate Vault

Secure management of TLS/SSL certs, Let's Encrypt supported.

TLS/SSL Offloading

All Internet traffic is TLS/SSL always encrypted.

OCSP Stapling

Our TLS/SSL offloading support OCSP Stapling.

HSTS Support

Our TLS/SSL offloading support HTTP Strict Transport Security.

Updated Runtimes

Always up to date language runtimes for security.

Role-based Security

Easily managed fine grained security using our RBAC support.

PBKDF2 Passwords

Passwords are secured using PBKDF2 with 100,000 iterations.

Custom Session Timeout

Optionally select your session timeout upon login.

Sessions Management

View all your current sessions and logout any old sessions.

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