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Sourcevoid Cookies Policy

On our homepage,, we use cookies for Google Analytics to improve the user experience for our customers. We don't collect or share any other cookie related information.

On our cloud platform,, we use a combination of cookies and HTML5 local storage to handle the authentication of users and to cache data to improve the user interface. We use Google Analytics for our cloud interface, it uses cookies. We use Intercom to communicate with customers and it uses cookies. Our payments processing partner Stripe uses cookies to enhance the experience of their service, as we load a Stripe widget Stripe cookies are also loaded.

Our services requires the usage of cookies and local storage in order to function properly. You can choose to not use our services if you don't approve of our cookie and local storage usage. By signing up or using our services you agree to our cookies policy.

If you have any questions about how we use cookies and local storage you are welcome to contact us.

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