Sourcevoid Containers

Deploying your SaaS using containers on Sourcevoid is easy and flexible.
We maintain runtimes supporting your favorite stacks, you focus on coding.

Container Orchestration That Just Works

  • You tell the system how many and how big containers, that's about it
  • Get storage and networking for your containers that just work, zero setup
  • Apps consists of X environments, each environment of Y containers
  • Just push your code and we make sure your SaaS always is ready to serve

Optimized App and DB Containers

  • App Containers to run your business logic in your favorite programming language
  • Database Containers host your private Database As A Service with integrated UI controls

Deploy And Use The Stack You Love

  • All popular programming languages are supported
  • Most frameworks just work, if not we provide free help to get it running
  • Combine the best of the best, our platform allow you to mix languages/stacks
  • Microservices can easily be built, one of environment or using multiple apps

Supported Languages


Server side or client side Dart apps, we support both.


Use Node.js for standalone apps or as complimentary build tool.


Build Go services or REST interfaces.


2.x and 3.x support. Pip, Flask and Django support.


PHP 5.x and 7.x support. Composer supported.


Ruby on Rails, Sinatra and more supported.


C# on Linux supported with the latest .NET Core runtime.


GCC, Clang and related build tooling available.


Build server side apps using Swift and Kitura, Perfect or Vapor.


Latest JVM 7 and 8 runtimes and build system supported.


Build Scala apps with sbt and run them on our JVM runtime.

Kotlin & Clojure

Our JVM runtime also supports Kotlin & Clojure apps.

Sourcevoid is closed.

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