Help us shape the future

San Francisco, Seattle or Umeå?
We think Umeå is the place for You.

Passion over Work

At Sourcevoid our goal is that everyone should do their work because they want to, not because they have to. We think work should be challenging, it should be fun, sometimes hard but at least you do it because you want to, not because you have to. If work is just a means to an end for you, Sourcevoid is probably a bad fit.

Our Offer

What we can offer is the opportunity to be a part of a small team with big ambitions. We compete directly with some of the largest and most powerful companies in the world, it's a challenge that requires hard work and creative solutions. At Sourcevoid you will get a chance to help form the company as we grow, you get the chance to do more than just one single thing and to steer the future of our cloud platform.

What's Your Offer?

We are always looking for talented and driven people who want's to be a part of Sourcevoid's future. If you think Sourcevoid would be a good fit for you, let us know why you? Let us know what work means to you and what it is that you want to work with. We are planning to hire more people later this year and we will consider candidates that actively contacted us before we start the public hiring process.


We are based in Umeå Sweden and currently have no remote positions available. We focus primarily on building our core team locally here in Umeå. While based in Sweden, Swedish is not a requirement, all written communications within the company is in English and we consider ourselves to be a global company rather than a Swedish company.

Sourcevoid is closed.

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